Participating Artists

We are excited to announce our full list of artists participating in To Be Alone Together. Each of these artists will make new work in response to the pieces from the collection listed below their name.

Stay tuned for future studio visits and interviews with the artists!

(Photo by Nathan Braunfeld)

Nathan Braunfeld   

Paul Horiuchi
The Eye Beholds Autumn, 1962

(Photo by Joe Freeman)

Joe Freeman

Michael Spafford
Three Swimmers No. 1, 1977

(Photo by Tim Swope)

Emily Gherard

Mark Tobey
Etudes d'Apres Nature (Series of 4), c. 1933-1934

(Photo by Aaron Haba)

Aaron Haba

Clayton James
Yellow Night, 1961

Allyson Klutenkamper

Mary Randlett
Self Portrait, 1988

(Photo by April Brimer, Serrah Russell
and Laura Cassidy)

Paul Komada   

Doris Chase
Ad Lib Moon, 1966

(Photo by Ellen Lipshutz)

Emma Levitt

Jeremy Lepisto
Drawn Conclusion, 2004

(Photo by Alicia Palaniuk)

Tomo Nakayama

Leo Kenney
A Breath of Light, 1968

(Photo by Maya Nathan)

Wendy Orville

Norie Sato
Edged Out, 1982

(Photo by Dawn Tyler)

Michelle Penaloza

Barbara Straker James
Wall quote in gallery

(Photo by Clyde Petersen)

Clyde Petersen

Wesley Wehr
Clallam, 1971

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